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Sanibel Island, renowned for its stunning beaches and unique wildlife, offers a plethora of activities that can turn a rainy day into a delightful adventure. If you find yourself on this charming island with the skies opening up, here’s a recommended itinerary that will ensure you make the most of your day.

As I drove to Captiva on Tuesday, May 21st, my excitement was through the roof! I was about to meet one of the island's most knowledgeable guides, Captain Brian Holloway (Captain Brian on the Water).

Sanibel Beach Summer

Embrace the Summer Serenity: Discover the Benefits of Visiting Sanibel Island in the Summer Months

Sanibel Island provides wonderful sandy beaches and a profusion of shells because of it's unique east-west orientation. These beaches yield the perfect setting for making beautiful memories.  Spend the day swimming, fishing, windsurfing or just enjoy a picnic on the gorgeous beach.