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Policies & Procedures


SUBSTITUTION OF ACCOMMODATIONS: Circumstances may cause your confirmed unit be unavailable. Therefore, VIP Vacations Rentals, LLC reserves the right to substitute comparable accommodations. We cannot guarantee the confirmed rate in these circumstances; however, accommodations and rates will be subject to your approval.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations are subject to an administrative cancellation fee of $100.00.  VIP Vacation Rentals LLC will retain all prepaid funds should guest cancel less 60 days prior to arrival unless the rental property is re-booked for the same dates and rate.  The reservation fee is not refundable at any time. 

NSF CHECKS: There is a $30.00 handling charges for any checks returned due to insufficient funds. If for any reason it becomes necessary for VIP Vacations Rentals, LLC to initiate litigation to enforce these terms and conditions, the guest shall be liable for all costs of such suit, including reasonable attorney's fees.


PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED: In the event that a guest has a pet in a unit where it not allowed, this will cause forfeiture of all payments and guest will be asked to vacate property.

STUDENT GROUPS AND SPECIAL EVENTS SUCH AS WEDDINGS ARE NOT PERMITTED: Students unaccompanied by a parent will not be permitted to register. Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of all monies prepaid and the party will not be permitted to occupy any unit in the VIP Vacations Rentals, LLC property management program.

CONDOMINIUM RULES: Your unit is confirmed with the understanding that you will adhere to the rules and regulations set by individual condominium or homeowner associations.

FURNISHINGS: The properties rented through VIP Vacations Rentals, LLC are individually owned and decorated. Although VIP Vacations Rentals, LLC requires minimum standards, the style, quality, and color schemes of the properties will vary according to the individual owner's preference.

MAINTENANCE: In the event of equipment malfunction, or other issues within the unit, VIP Vacation Rentals, LLC will expedite repairs as quickly as possible.  From time to time, it may be necessary to close tennis courts, swimming pools and other amenities for maintenance purpose.  Any maintenance items should be reported to VIP Vacation Rentals, LLC as soon as possible.  No rent adjustment can be made for circumstances beyond our control or malfunction or loss of use of equipment or amenities.

CAUSEWAY TOLL CHARGES: It is necessary to cross a causeway to Sanibel Island. A tollbooth is located on the mainland side. The toll is $6.00 + $3.00 admin fee effective 10/1/21 and is only charged when coming on to the island. If you are renting a car, please check with your rental car company re: any additional surcharges.

MAIL: Please have any mail you will be receiving addressed to you in care of VIP Vacations Rentals, LLC. Your mail can be picked up at the check-in office.

PARKING RESTRICTIONS: Parking areas at individual sites are for automobiles only. Motor homes, boat trailers, etc. are not permitted.

TENNIS: Court times and rules are individual site functions and are not controlled by VIP Vacations Rentals, LLC. Not all sites have tennis courts.

POOLS: Pools are usually heated from December 15 to April 15. Pools are controlled by individual associations. Not all properties have pools.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: The unit can be occupied by no more than the maximum number of persons indicated on this confirmation. Occupancy is defined as any overnight stay. In the event occupancy is exceeded, guest agrees to let the owner, owner's agent or condominium association remove them from the unit and retain all monies whether earned or unearned.

ACT OF NATURE: VIP Vacation Rentals, LLC cannot be held liable for any acts of nature or occurrences beyond our control.  No rate adjustment will be made.

HURRICANE POLICY: If you are traveling between May and November, please note that this is hurricane season. We encourage you to purchase trip insurance to protect your investment, as owners are not required to rebate rent in the event of a voluntary or mandatory evacuation.

SUBLET: The condominium or home may not be sublet, or this agreement assigned without the written consent of VIP Vacations Rentals LLC.

UNITS FOR SALE: In the event the property, which you are renting, is listed for sale, the need to show the property may arise during your stay.  We will make every attempt to schedule any showing at a convenient time so as not to disturb your vacation.

RESERVATION MADE BY TRAVEL AGENTS: All reservations made by outside travel agents are subject to rules and polices of VIP Vacation Rentals, LLC.  VIP Vacation Rentals, LLC is not responsible for inaccurate or misleading representations presented by outside travel agents. 

INTEREST BEARING ACCOUNTS: All deposits, prepaid rates, and other prepaid monies may be placed in an interest-bearing account.  The guest understands and agrees the interest earned on these funds will accrue to the benefit of VIP Vacation Rentals, LLC.

CHECK-IN & KEY PICK-UP: All keys will be distributed from the office located at 1506 Periwinkle Way. Turn right on Periwinkle Way after coming across the causeway and proceed +/-1 mile. We are located on the right, directly across the street from 7-11.  Office hours are: Monday-Saturday  8:00 a.m. - 4:00 

CHECK-IN: Check-In  is 3:00p.m. but is not guaranteed.  Guest should not expect to take occupancy sooner than 3:00p.m.  Check-In may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control.  Rate adjustments will not be made for late check-in or early departures.  

CHECKOUT: Checkout is 10:00a.m.  Guest that fail to check out by 10:00a.m. will be charged half day’s rent up to 1:00p.m. and a full day’s rent charged if guest vacates after 1:00p.m.

All keys must be returned to VIP Vacations Rentals, LLC check-in office! Keys not returned may make it necessary to re-key locks at your expense. A charge of $50.00 will be assessed for key delivery in the event of a lock out.   $20 charge for lost keys.